The Charity Preference Service

Supporting Sustainable And Ethical Fundraising

To quickly get started you can log in with one of the following

Use this service to set up your own personal fundraising preferences and just keep coming back each time you receive something from a charity you don't support or want to change how you hear from them or what you want to hear about.

Create yourself a login in, either with a social media account or by creating a username and password. Your own personal charity experience will continually improve the more you use the service.

If your receive something from a charity you do not support - simply log in and Press the "Find a Charity" Button and let them know.

Then set any Charities or Charity Sectors you do not support and those you do and actively wish to "Opt In" to hearing from. For example some people only support animal charities and some people never support animal charities.

We all have different charities or charity sectors which are important to us and we all have different views on how we like these charities to approach us, so let them know as it helps all charities to fundraise more efficiently.


In May 2018 the new General Data Protection Regulations - GDPR - come into force and charities you do support will only be able to contact you if you have "Opted In" to hearing from them. This service enables you to do that easily and all in one place for all your charities. So please do remember to do that or charities are likely to suffer a considerable loss of income if they suddenly can't talk to half of the people who have previously been supporting them. Simply use the "Sector Buttons" on the left hand Navigation Bar or the "Find a Charity" Button to locate the charities or groups of charities you support and opt in to your favourite method of hearing from them.

In his report "Regulating Fundraising for the Future", Sir Stuart Etherington recommended the formation of a Fundraising Preference Service - FPS - to enable donors to manage their charity preferences. Our service and its forerunner which has been helping individuals manage their postal preferences since 2006, is just that service. Not only will it enrich your own personal charity experience it also helps all charities fundraise more cost effectively. It is as important for them to know who will not support them as it is to know who will.

A new "Fundraising Regulator" chaired by Lord Grade with Chief Executive - Stephen Dunmore and Head Of Policy - Gerald Oppenheim, has been set up and funded by the major charities. It has the support of government under the office of Rob Wilson MP the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Civil Society. Its aim is to maintain the standards for charitable fundraising, to ensure that fundraising is respectful, open, honest and accountable to the public after the media outcry which followed the tragedy of Olive Cooke in 2015.

We are constantly working to improve this service and your experience using it, so please do feedback any comments and suggestions using the Contact Us form.