Terms & Conditions

You need to read and accept these Terms & Conditions before your Charity Preferences will become active and available to the charities you wish to notify.

It is beneficial to you if you sign up with the service either using your preferred social media login or by creating a username (email) and password. This will then mean that all your preferences will be available to you next time you log in to the service.

You can use the service without signing up but please note:

- You will have to re-enter all your details i.e. address, phone numbers etc as appropriate each time you use the service.

- More importantly you will not be able to see the Charity Preferences you entered on previous visits to the service.

- If you sign up then each time you visit the service you will see your previously set up Charity Preferences and your personal charity experience will constantly improve.

- This goes hand in hand with the best way to use the service being to visit the site each time you receive a charity approach you do not want or a form of approach i.e. phone, email etc which you would prefer not to receive and let the relevant charities know.

- It is important to remember that at the moment Charities are "Self Regulating" and therefore if you continue to receive approaches from particular charities where you have asked them not to then you use the Contact us form and let us know so that we can take it up with the charity concerned.

Please note that:

- Postal Campaigns can take up to 3 months in planning and so you may receive postal approaches for this period after setting that preference to NO.

- Phone, Text and Email Campaigns should take no longer than 1 month to become fully suppressed.

Please also use the Contact Us form to let us know if there is anything else you would like to see on the service and to let us know your thoughts generally.